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No way to suburbia in the hills. - 30th March

It’s great to see our fight to SAVE PERTH HILLS is being heard by those we’re talking to 💪🏼

Your Save Perth Hills Team has been busy meeting, with Planning and Transport Minister Rita Saffioti MLA, Tim Clifford, Greens MLC for East Metro, Federal member for Hasluck, Ken Wyatt and the Conservation Council of Western Australia. We also caught up (again) with Local MP Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda at the recent Blue Sky Festival Mundaring.

We’re taking our case against high density in the Hills, to ALL politicians and influential community groups who need to know and understand why suburban style high density developments is both dangerous and unsuitable in Perth’s Hills.

We’ve invited all the local Shire of Mundaring Councillors to meet with us too.

AND - we’ve invited all of them - politicians, councillors and community groups to join us at our COMMUNITY RALLY on the 7th April at Sculpture Park Mundaring, to say NO WAY to high density in the Hills.

Those in position of influence are listening 👂🏼

WE NEED YOUR HELP to shout even louder and attend the rally next Sunday!

Thanks to everyone who’s helping to Save Perth Hills!


P.S. Satterley -we encourage Mr Nigel Satterley to read the conversations on our Facebook page and see what the vast majority of the community is saying. It's a clear NO WAY to suburbia for the Perth Hills!

A Message From Ken Wyatt, Federal Member for Hasluck

I am pleased to be able to now publicly announce that one of the core pillars of my local campaign to protect our environment is to oppose the #NorthStoneville Structure Plan. Last night we made our position clear to Satterley.

Save Perth Hills is a group of deeply passionate, highly intelligent and constructive locals who care deeply about the safety of the people and the environment of the Perth Hills.

🤝 I am proud to support their cause.

Almost overnight their Facebook page gathered 1,000 followers and their petition has very close to 4,000 signatures.

📝 CLICK the link below to sign this petition.

The plans Satterley have proposed for North Stoneville are deeply concerning with regards to;

👨‍🚒 fire safety,

🚰 water and sewerage, and

🌳 risk to our natural environment.

I do not believe the community has been properly consulted, and having written to the Shire President expressing my concerns, I welcome the Shire of Mundaring's decision to now push back their vote to May which will allow more time for deeper consultation.

My opponent in this election for Hasluck is a Shire Councillor, and so I hope that this election will draw attention to this important local issue and result in the council;

🚭 rejecting the proposal,

🏢 recommending to the WAPC not consider the plan as it stands, and

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 committing to broad community consultation on the future of the Perth Hills.

SPH will hold a Save Perth Hills - Rally on April 7th at Mundaring Sculpture Park, and encourages as many locals as possible to attend.

Stayed tuned for more info!

For more info on how I am protecting our natural environment, please visit my new webpage.

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