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After 30 long years, the fate of ‘North Stoneville’ will likely be decided in the next term of Government. We say, to whichever Party wins: ‘Know that North Stoneville will be your legacy’ - one way or another... We say to Nigel $atterley and Archbishop Gold$worthy: ‘Know that North Stoneville will FOREVER be YOUR legacy’ - one way or another...

Our Rally last week confirmed united community and political opposition against $atterley’s plan that would wreak havoc on our community. Around 1500 of US, our Community, stood together, several openly grieving the horror of the Wooroloo bushfires, many quietly grieving previous bushfire traumas. And everyone fearing what’s to come if $atterley and the Church get their way. We’re told, ‘process’ must take its course. While we wait, we offer a Rally reminder, from one of our own: ‘NORTH STONEVILLE IS NOT DEFENDABLE IN A BUSHFIRE.’ So, on this Election Eve, we all wait - on what will, undoubtedly be, the era of THE NORTH $TONEVILLE LEGACY - one way, or another...

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