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Open Letter to $atterley...

Dear Nigel, Save Perth Hills were surprised to receive a Freedom of Information order from your lawyers. You want our documents we presented to the Planning Commission that support reversing your ‘Urban’ zoning to the much safer ‘Rural’ Zoning, for the land you call ‘North Stoneville.’ You, and the Anglican Church, won’t make as much money from a Rural zoning, but fewer people on-site, would mean greater safety for us all. Anyway ... you didn’t need to go to all that pesky FOI trouble, or spend your $30 application fee! Why didn’t you just ask us? We have NOTHING to hide! So while you wait weeks for your application to be processed, we’ll fast track it for you. In our Community spirit of open communication, honesty and transparency, here’s the document - for ALL to see! Free! In its entirety! No omissions! In fact - everything you could have asked for...

Cheers - Save Perth Hills

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