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Thank you to our local Eagle 🦅 expert, Simon Cherriman. This is AMAZING data which shows scientifically, that Satterley would be destroying know Wedge-Tailed Eagle habit should proposed North Stoneville be allowed to proceed. We can do better than continued urban sprawl which wipes out biodiversity...

Message from Simon Cherriman

HEADS UP about #habitat destruction folks!! See the #Waalitj #eaglet on the right? That's #Ngooni, a #WedgetailedEagle that was satellite-tagged in October 2017. Like his #twin brother #Naakal & many other juveniles of his species, Ngooni has wandered to the far north of Australia & back again during the first 2 years of his dispersal phase, recently 'settling' in an area near #Kalbarri on the west coast of WA, where he's spent the last few months. BUT... last week he shot south & spent 2 days 'resting' in habitat already rezoned & proposed for development by our local, friendly 'lovers of #God's creatures' The Anglican Church & 'concreters of all creatures great & small' Satterley. The first map here shows Ngooni's 450 km incoming journey south to visit & rest up in a nice patch of #NoongarCountry #Marri forest (blue dots), & his subsequent outward journey back to the Kalbarri area (green dots). The 3rd map shows his rest stop in relation to the proposed & gastly @NorthStoneville development site (red outline), which is already home to a breeding pair of adult Wedge-tailed Eagles, whose nest sites are marked with blue dots, & whose home range will be enveloped by housing. The message??


SONGLINES in ancient Australian culture connect places of great significance #oncountry at the landscape scale. So concreting such places (or even filling them in with 'sustainable developments' claiming to minimise environmental impact by clearing 165ha of forest & sticking blocks of houses among the few remaining trees left post-clearing) makes them unusable, not only to local species but to those that travel far & wide too. This patch of #Parkerville is too valuable to lose to dangerous destruction, to the ongoing #deathbyathousandcuts wave of 'progress'. Let's make sure we know this, folks, & we keep the protective dialogue flying. 🦅📡🗺🌳🌳💛💪🏽

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