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🍻 Perth Hills Pub Test #4 🍻

…And so it continues… Tonight we invite the WA Planning Commission’s Lino Lacomella to the pub.

We ask, why is somebody so connected to the property industry in WA able to sit as a decision maker on the Statutory Planning Committee at the WAPC? The role of this committee as defined on the WAPC’s website is:

“The committee is the WAPC’s regulatory decision-making body. Its functions include approval of the subdivision of land, approval of leases and licences, approval of strata schemes, advice to the Minister on local government planning schemes and scheme amendments, and the determination of certain development applications under the Metropolitan Region Scheme.”

QUESTION: Does this ☝️ PASS the Pub Test?

Additionally, and perhaps, for us, importantly, Mr Lacomella has worked with Satterley in the past 😳. KPA Architects (where Mr Lacomella is a Senior Consultant), put together the design for the Austin Lakes Shopping Centre which is a Satterley development. Given this former relationship, will Mr Lacomella give us a fair go in the decision over proposed North Stoneville?

QUESTION: Does this ☝️ PASS the Pub Test?

We’re sorry to say… there are even more Pub Tests to come… stay tuned folks.

**NB** To lodge any formal complaint about your feelings on this matter, we recommend you go through the WA Ombudsman.


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