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Mark McGowan - we're still here and we're still waiting... Can you please get your people to call our people for a catchup? It's about the Mundaring Shire's biggest planning issue ever... AKA the dangerous and destructive North Stoneville...

Here's where we are at... It has been the hottest-ever Spring where we have just notched up the hottest-ever November day. You would have seen the unseasonal and deadly Spring fires destroy homes and property in NSW and QLD... despite all this, the WA Planning Commission is preparing to consider the Anglican Church's plan to populate Stoneville with an extra 4000 people in 1,450 houses in a suburban style townsite.

*REMINDER* we are situated in WA's highest fire-risk shire... and Australia's 5th highest fire-risk local government overall 😳

We believe, Premier McGowan, that meeting with you is as urgent as it could ever be.... We received an automated response from your office 6 days ago. So we called you up today and were told our request is "with the Premier's deputy Chief of Staff and under consideration" 😳 Not sure that passes the pub-test up here...

Parliament ends on Nov 28... We will keep our community updated on the progress of our request - or lack of it.

Chat soon, Mark!

FYI Rita Saffioti MLA, Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda, Satterley, Anglican EcoCare

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