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We’re jumping from the Pulpit back to the Pub!

Today we bring you $atterley’s $olution to Extreme Bushfire dangers on the North $toneville Anglican land.

It's good timing as public submissions to the Wooroloo Bushfire Inquiry are now being examined (including one from Save Perth Hills).

And the 2021-22 Bushfire Season is here.

We obtained, under Freedom of Information, $atterley’s ‘STRONG OBJECTONS’ to our plan to return North $toneville to a safer RURAL zoning.

Check out $atterley’s ‘Bushfire Management’ plan...

Actually - there’s NOTHNG to see!


Apparently ‘confidential’ to their Appeal of the WA planning commission rejection...

Why doesn’t $atterley want us to know how THEY plan to save OUR lives from bushfire?

Come to think of it - $atterley hasn’t been seen up here for more than 2 years!!!

Last time was August 2019 when Council voted ‘NO NIGEL NO’!

Not even the Wooroloo Bushfires, 5 kms from North $toneville, prompted an appearance!

So what do YOU think?

Should $atterley’s bushfire information be kept from the people it’s meant to save?

Does this pass the Pub Test?

Add your (polite!) comments!

We’ll post the entire $atterley report, (as we received it!), on our website soon.



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