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June 20 2024

As you all know, Satterley has recently lodged its Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) application to bulldoze the land at proposed ‘North $toneville’.

It's EXTREMELY important we let Australia’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, AND local Federal MP Tania Lawrence that more destruction of hills bush is a no-go zone. Letter writing makes a difference. If no one writes, applications like this receive less scrutiny. Ask Minister Plibersek to REJECT Satterley’s destruction bid.

Just a reminder that ol $atterley wants to bulldoze around 60,000 trees and wipe out more than 165 HECTARES of native vegetation... It's hard to imagine this much bush being wiped out... once it's gone... it's gone!

Time and time again in this campaign we've seen letter writing be the difference! Send one off for each member in your household. Include the kids drawings and letters... nudge your neighbour and talk about this issue - we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

$atterley is applying “OFFSETS” to cover up the destruction (only because he's required to do so by law). The offset land is 180km south of N$ in the Shire of Williams... seriously!

Minister Plibersek will decide North Stoneville’s environmental fate in a few weeks.

Here are are some points to consider for your email:

Dear Minister and Ms Lawrence,

RE: EPBC 2018/8382

 I VOTE FOR the Environment, and I need YOU to SAVE North Stoneville.

 Williams which is 180km away is NOT a suitable offset! (How do Chuditchs travel 180km to Williams to reach this ‘offset’? How do our Black Cockatoos know to go to Williams to breed?)

 Bulldozing 60,000 trees will NEVER be ‘Nature Positive’

 $atterley’s application IGNORES Climate Change

 There is NO reference to the 2021 Wooroloo Bushfire (5kms from North Stoneville) which devastated local habitat

 There is NO reference to 2023-24’s drought that has wiped out thousands of trees

 The proposal will REDUCE Black Cockatoo habitat for Baudin's and Carnaby's black cockatoo (Baudin's is potentially facing extinction within 20 years)

 The Perth Hills are a biodiverse environment – not an urban sprawl development site!

Here are the emails you need:

PLEASE! Write ASAP - to Save North Stoneville

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