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Silence is deafening

Two weeks on from the worst Perth Hills’ bushfires… and the silence is deafening from Australia’s leading land developer – Nigel Satterley – and WA’s Anglican Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy.

Nigel Satterley’s website says NOTHING about the bushfires. Archbishop Goldsworthy has said NOTHING publicly to the bushfire victims.

Their silence speaks volumes along with their persistence to revive the fatally flawed North Stoneville firetrap development - despite the awful evidence before them.

JOIN US at Sculpture Park, Jacoby St, Mundaring, March 7th, for the Save Perth Hills’ Rally - the UNITED VOICE of our Perth Hills Community, who Satterley and the Anglican Church have chosen to ignore for more than 2 years.

Remember - almost 1,000 local residents wrote strong objections to the Shire when this DISASTER PLAN was released in 2018.

The Shire, DFES, WA Planning Commission - and the community have all formally REJECTED North Stoneville.

We now call on politicians – 3 weeks from the State Election, to tell Nigel Satterley and Kay Goldsworthy that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

See you on the 7th of March as we DEMAND that 2021 MUST BE THE END of North Stoneville… And, that 2021 MUST BE THE END of plans to urbanise Perth’s bushfire prone hills.

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