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SP79 On Hold

Finally - Some COMMON SENSE! the quest to blindly urbanise our bushfire-prone Hills - in Australia's 5th highest Fire Risk locality. 🏠 Congratulations to our friends at SPPA (Stoneville Parkerville Progress Association), who’ve done a great job to help secure a deferment for 58 suburban-style homes on Kilburn Road, Parkerville. The plan, (SP79), by Parkerville Children’s Home and Youth Centre, is on Clutterbuck Creek, with ZERO Public Open Space - and, FIRE-TRAP cul-de-...sacs. It was heading to Mundaring Council TONIGHT October 13, for a decision. 😰BUT!!! 🥁... The Parkerville Children and Youth Care (PCYC) have LISTENED to the community's concerns and put their plans ON HOLD - at least until the end of the year! 👏😁 👏SPPA met with PCYC expressing deep concerns about the plan's bushfire and environmental risks. PCYC suggested they press PAUSE and - ⚡️ await the outcomes of the Royal Commission Summer of Fires in which 33 people died and more than 3000 homes were destroyed, ⚡️ await Satterley’s APPEAL against the Planning Commission's REJECTION of the dangerous and destructive North Stoneville development - right next door to Kilburn Rd and; ⚡️ to LEARN more about community concerns about building housing developments in the Hills’ extreme bushfire zone regions. So, while the Anglican Church rams ahead with Satterley and its costly appeal on their North Stoneville disaster plan, PCYC are putting PEOPLE AHEAD OF PROFITS - a lesson in humanity for ALL developers. There are better ways than transforming Perth's Hills into a fire-trap suburbia - that is doomed to failure and tragedy. Good on your SPPA - and thank you PCYC - this deferment is a WIN for community.

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