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Waalitj Reserve

Here is a close-up of Bridiya, showing her beautiful and very powerful eyes. The fleshy skin enclosing an eagle’s nostrils is called the ‘cere’. Bridya’s cere is very yellow, a result of the high concentration of red meat (mostly young Yonga / Western Grey Kangaroo) in her diet. Lots of energy is invested by parent eagles in nurturing their young every day, and they take more than 6 months from hatching to become independent.

Unfortunately, if Satterley gets his way with the North Stoneville development, all her eyes will be seeing is the felling of 155 hectares of bush. We must save the habitat of this amazing bird!

Please like and share this post with your family and friends to spread the word about this beautiful Eagle! #SavePerthHills #wedgetailedeagles #ecology #conservation Save Perth Hills

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