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We're back at the pub

...A N D... we're back at the pub This time we're asking about Property Developers and Councillors. Of particular interest is $atterley’s 2021 Head-Hunting Drive! It’s almost 3 years since $atterley and the Anglican Church imposed their dangerous and destructive North $toneville plan on our Community. Their timeline was to build... THIS YEAR! (2021...)

$atterley and his Anglican mates clearly under-estimated the POWER of our pesky Community!

Nevertheless, we’ve noticed $atterley is recruiting to strengthen its ‘front line’. Let’s begin with Chontelle Stone who is a City of Cockburn Councillor. Ms Stone has JUST been appointed to coordinate $atterley’s ‘Community Development and Social Media’. (Nov 10). We’re not suggesting Ms Stone has done anything wrong - the question here is - should property developers be allowed to recruit councillors who are privy to confidential and privileged information often related to property development?

*What do YOU think?* Should Property Developers be banned from head-hunting Councillors? Do you think CONFLICTS OF INTEREST might arise in a Councillor - Developer relationship? Does Satterley’s appointment of Ms Stone pass the Pub Test?

We look forward to your ‘polite’ observations!

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