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Planning Minister Rita Saffioti Dines with Nigel Satterley

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

ONE MONTH on – and $atterley’s amended ‘North $toneville’ plan remains locked up in the Planning Dept, with no explanation why...

Meanwhile, Planning Minister Rita Saffioti and North $toneville’s boss Nigel Satterley, wine and dine together as the Govt announces Community input will DIMINISH, and Developer influence will INCREASE - in Community planning

We haven’t been allowed to speak to Minister Saffioti since 2019 – to ensure Govt ‘neutrality’ on North $toneville.

Even our countless letters to Rita, are signed by her Chief of Staff – not Rita.

Yet the Planning Minister sits next to Nigel, who will make MILLIONS of $$$ if his plan is approved – and which is just 14 weeks away from being formally considered by the State Tribunal (SAT) – and which WA TAXPAYERS are PAYING to challenge!

We’d like to think the amendment delay is because the Govt has realised (because Save Perth Hills told them), that WA’s new Bushfire Planning Act draft, will be released for public comment – potentially on July 1 – ONE DAY AFTER the decision deadline for the EXTREME-BUSHFIRE-PRONE-North $toneville amended plan. (June 30).

Tell us... what do YOU think?

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