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Winter Bushfire

Here in WA we've experienced 4 major bushfires in just 4 weeks... Margaret River x2 Wooroloo Chittering

Close to us here in the Perth Hills, fire crews are continuing the important task of mopping up the burn area at Wooroloo/Chidlow. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Colorado has been enduring the Marshall Fire in the midst of... WINTER...

Firefighters could do nothing to stop the blaze…. 10’s of thousands have been evacuated and entire subdivisions have has an entire shopping centre. These fires came on the back of a very dry summer and were fanned by extremely strong winds. The only solution? Waiting for the forecast snow to stop the inferno. Over 600 houses are gone...

With fire seasons now overlapping internationally - will we be able to share firefighting resources in years to come as we have done? It seems unlikely... Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by fire across the world right now.

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