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You remember Ray $tokes, right?

He was Secretary of WA’s Planning Commission, 3 times, between 2001 - 2006 during the earlier days of North $toneville.

Later, $atterley recruited Ray as their PRIZED ‘PLANNING DIRECTOR’ - in charge of NORTH $TONEVILLE!

We remember Ray well.

Ray was at the ONLY meeting $atterley ever had with us, back in March 2019, when $atterley Exec$ told us they plan to just wait for Save Perth Hills to ‘run out of steam’, and then move on North $toneville.

But, after 30 YEARS’ fighting dangerous North $toneville plans, SPH - and our Community, are running FULL STEAM AHEAD!

But not Ray it seems...

For the last year, Ray dutifully turned up at EVERY Appeal, leading $atterley’s charge to reverse the REJECTION of their DISASTER PLAN.

Until this week...

Where was Ray?

He usually sits next to $atterley’s lawyer, Paul McQueen.

But not this week.

So where’s Ray?

Was Ray made REDUNDANT for not getting North $toneville over the line?

Or did Ray RETIRE because HE ran out of steam?

All good questions... anyhow, here's a short video of our last Ray-encounter just after the Wooroloo Bushfires, when Ray, uncharacteristically, was lost for words outside SAT.

Stay tuned for more intriguing updates on $atterley’s Recruitment Drive... you won't believe it...

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