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Um... where is the Wooroloo Bushfire Report?

This summer has been volatile and challenging. Across WA’s regional south, Perth’s Hills, Chittering, Bullsbrook, and even suburbs, we’re being reminded of the fire-force we face.

At this time we also mark the first anniversary of the Wooroloo catastrophe.

One year on, we understand some community members remain in financial distress and housing limbo.

Save Perth Hills want our bushfire prone communities to know we press, relentlessly, for safer solutions, and challenge ‘suburban-focussed’ bushfire policies, in a never-ending effort to increase bushfire safety.

This week we wrote to Planning Minister Saffioti, Emergency Minister Dawson and DFES Commissioner Klemm questioning dangerous shortfalls in bushfire policy updates.

But the most PRESSING question is:

Where’s Wooroloo’s Bushfire Report?

Swan Hills MP Jessica Shaw MLA says the Govt got the Report in December! So where is it? The Govt took 6 months to call for the Report, and has had 2 months to read it! You might like to email the Premier’s office and ask - Where’s Wooroloo’s Bushfire Report? Let us know what they say...

Meanwhile, to our Wooroloo Bushfire Community: Save Perth HiIls stands with you, and, like you, we will never forget.

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Disgraceful. On So Many Levels.

A developer fined $250,000 for destroying 10 hectares of black cockatoo habitat. Paltry pocket-money - and they still get to build their development.

Meanwhile, at North $toneville, $atterley and the Anglican Church want to destroy 20 times that amount of native bush, (200+ hectares), home to 3 species of threatened black cockatoos (and a whole lot more):

- Carnaby’s (Endangered)

- Baudin’s (Endangered)

- Forest Red-tailed (Vulnerable)

$atterley's North $toneville environmental destruction 'Off-$et' includes 'artificial hollows' positioned among their 1,500 houses, and giving 'research' cash to WA's Museum, which examines cockatoo habitat loss.

Such cruel irony...

No amount of money or fines will bring back the bush - or birds.

What part of 'Once it's Gone, it's Gone' doesn't the Govt, or developers, get?

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Hello amazing people - hope you're all doing ok in this crazy heat! Here at Save Perth Hills we've been mapping out what we think the next 12 months is going to look like. We've come to realise we need to build a war chest of funds to pay for some upcoming legal costs amongst other things... so we are excited to reveal that we're putting together a plan for the very first Save Perth Hills t-shirts.

What we want to know is... Would you buy one? What's a fair price? (we're thinking $20) How many do you need?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Due to economies of scale, we're thinking along the lines of Henry Ford - "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black." That's right, black t-shirts with our recognisable SPH branding and message.

Will you help us build that war chest?

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