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Save Perth Hills Inc (SPH) is a volunteer community group, established 30 years ago and based in the Shire of Mundaring, Australia’s 5th highest bushfire-risk local government region.
SPH acts to protect the Hills from inappropriate urban planning developments, (specifically ‘North Stoneville’), that are bushfire-dangerous to people and destructive of our unique and internationally recognised bio-diverse environment.

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Save Perth Hills were back in the State Tribunal this week for $atterley Mediation Number 8

After a whole YEAR, $atterley still can’t convince anyone that their PROPOSED Anglican Church’s North $toneville, is not a DISASTER PLAN 🔥

SPH presented compelling reasons why IT IS, including:

👉 East Link is NOT a solution as it won’t get 4000+ people out of the firetrap development.

👉 We need to wait on the Wooroloo Bushfire Inquiry findings

👉 We need to wait on WA’s Bushfire Framework Review

👉 A corner chunk of North $toneville is actually zoned ‘SMALL HOLDINGS’ (Farm-sized Lots!) so an ‘URBAN’ plan can’t be put on that bit of land! (OOPS!!) 🤭 If they missed a detail like this, what else have they missed?

👉 The Federal Government still won’t approve destroying 200+ bush hectares (more than half the size of Kings Park)

👉 AND - just last week, the Fed Govt committed Australia to the UN Biodiversity Conference’s Kunming Environmental Declaration which states, in part: ‘to shape a future path for nature and people, where biodiversity is conserved and used sustainably.’  https://www.cbd.int/.../5e86e1e.../kunmingdeclaration-en.pdf

The Appeal was adjourned until March 2022 😲

Yep - almost 5 more months!

It means $atterley will avoid talking ‘FIRETRAP DEVELOPMENTS’, during their 4th BUSHFIRE SEASON up here.

But. It gives us time to play some cards up our sleeve... starting soon... 😉

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The thoughts of Save Perth Hills are with everyone affected by the Perth Hills Bushfire (Feb 2021). Sadly it's shaping up to be the worst bushfire in living memory for our region.
A MASSIVE shout out to our local firefighter heroes - we cannot thank you

enough !

Stay Safe 

Please use emergency.wa.gov.au for up to date fire information.

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