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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Great to see this officially covered in the Echo Newspaper 👏🏻

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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

The Shire of Mundaring has announced that the Special Council Meeting regarding Structure Plan 34 (AKA North $toneville) has been scheduled for AUGUST... mic drop...

Key points in the media release:

• The plan had been to hold the meeting in May

* The extension provides additional time to consider numerous public and agency submissions regarding the proposal.

• All parties including Satterley and the WAPC are in support of the extension.

• Quote: "An assessment of the district road network is currently underway which will further inform the Shire’s review of Satterley’s Traffic Impact Assessment, provided as part of the overall report."

• Further details will be out soon...

Thank you to all you amazing Save Perth Hills supporters - stay tuned and encourage anyone not already following this page to hit the Follow button to receive all our updates!

NB: $atterley timeline above was posted 14/1/2019.


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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

On the 7th April, the Perth Hills Community rallied. Massive thanks to everyone who showed up - your presence there sent a huge message to our Local Shire, WA State Government and even the Federal Government.

People power will win in the end. Our community will ensure the Perth Hills remains a stunning backyard for Perth City.



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