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What's Next?

Sooooo…. You all might be wondering, what’s next with “proposed” North $toneville AKA SP34….?

We have learned that the West Australian Planning Commi$$ion has announced they will be increasing the usual amount of time to consider the proposal by $atterley…. We understand that the time to deliberate on the proposal has been extended to the 30th April. The WAPC has cited the plan by $atterley as ‘complex’….

We ask, WHY?

Why the extension…? In fact, WHY even consider “complex” proposals like North Stoneville, in highly volatile environments, with MASSIVE fire safety concerns, while fires burn and destroy communities and environments, around the country? WHY?


As you all know, this planning DISASTER is not over. So please add these upcoming dates to your calendar.

📅 Monday 3rd February: THE annual electors meeting Shire of Mundaring. This is your chance to present a deputation to the elected members... with 2020 highlighting the threats of fire, there are just a few issues worth raising...

📅 Saturday 8th February: Mundaring Twilight Market - Save Perth Hills will be there.

📅 Sunday 15th March (morning): TBA (you won’t want to miss this one)

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