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Pub Test #7

That’s right folks, we have another pub test challenge… we’re back at the bar for number SEVEN 😲

Our previous post reached almost 11,000 of you - so we know this issue is hitting home - and hard.

Meet Belinda Moharich - Deputy Chair of the WA Planning Commi$$ion... (WAPC)

The PLANNING DISASTER - otherwise known as North $toneville SP34 is being considered by WAPC planners right now! The WAPC extended their deliberations to April 30 because the Structure Plan is apparently ‘complex in nature’. We knew that right…?

Anyway…..back to Belinda: Belinda’s legal firm provides legal advice to developers at the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT)…. So how does this work? The SAT website says:

“The Tribunal is the primary place for the review of decisions made by Government agencies, public officials and local governments. It also makes a wide variety of original decisions.”

...So… does Belinda help developers who have not been successful at the WAPC to then figure out how to have $ucce$$ at WAPC…? As Deputy Chair of the WAPC, Belinda would definitely know how it all works.

Is a “fair go” even possible at this point….? Is this REALLY how the “busine$$” of planning is carried out? Could there be so many conflicted members that the whole commi$$ion might need to abstain from making a decision?

What do you thINC?

Please tell us by commenting… Remember - all who need to hear this are listening! 😉


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