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10 Years On - 12th Jan 2024

Updated: Jan 21

We respectfully advise the following post references bushfire trauma

Save Perth Hills respectfully acknowledges the significance of today’s date: January 12.

Today marks ten years since the devastating 2014 bushfires swept through Stoneville, Parkerville, and Mt Helena, with the loss of 57 homes.

It took 3 weeks to extinguish the flames, but, for many, the fallout from this disaster will remain forever.

Commemorating significant events like this is difficult. But days like today can help to remind us of the incredible capacity of our Community to unite and help each other in the most challenging of times.

It can also allow us to feel the reassurance of our collective commitment to make sure planning in our bushfire zones safeguards, and not endangers us, into the future.

Today, and always, we stand as one with our Community…

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