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WIsh us luck everyone! Tomorrow a small Save Perth Hills team are back at the State Administrative Tribunal. We will be making the case, yet again, that $atterley and the Anglican Church pushing ahead with destructive North $toneville must end. Tomorrow is all about bushfire risks and with what we all lived through last summer, surely commonsense will prevail to end the drawn out mediation process. $atterley lawyers will be there, Ray Stokes from $atterley will be there. DFES will be there... This AMAZING Perth Hills community has backed us all the way and we know you'll be there in spirit.

Some facts: - It's been 2 and half years since 1000 people said NO to North Stoneville in public submissions - It's almost been almost one year since the WA Planning Commission refused SP34 - It's been 10 months since Satterley and the Anglican Church appealed - 8 months since Mediation started - 30 long years since our community first objected

It wasn’t right then – the evidence proves it’s not right now. So, we will be asking for a full, open, transparent Public Hearing on North Stoneville.

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