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Anglican Synod declares Climate Emergency

The Perth Anglican Synod meets. They declare a Climate Emergency. TWO DAYS earlier, 250 community members rally outside St George's Cathedral in regards to SP-34 AKA, North Stoneville...

There appears to be a #DISCONNECT and blatant #HYPOCRISY happening here. Will the Anglican Church put their money where their mouth is and release a statement...

👉 Recognising the community reaction to proposed North Stoneville.

👉 Explaining what will change now the Anglican Diocese of Perth has declared a Climate Emergency

👉 That updates everyone on the situation with SP-34. Surely this plan is now off the table?

As it stands, the Diocese appears to be blindly pushing ahead with a dangerous and destructive plan to house 4,000+ people in the middle of WA’s highest fire risk Shire and Australia’s 5th highest fire zone, and surrounded by a permanent Extreme Fire Zone. Our message to the Perth Anglican Diocese is that Perth Hills’ residents and other concerned community members WILL NOT let this issue rest. We WILL NOT allow you to destroy hundreds of hectares of native bush and put people’s lives in danger.

We will continue to expose your dangerous hypocrisy and we vow to protect our community! Declaring a Climate Emergency is not to be taken lightly - it is an act that must be followed with action.

PLEASE WRITE to the Anglican EcoCare Facebook Page and ask, the question... 'What happens now? Is SP-34 withdrawn?'

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