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Did you know that proposed North Stoneville is ONE of several ‘proposals’ that $atterley has for the unique Perth Hills?

Not content for leading the urban sprawl of Perth city, $atterley wants to spread Perth’s sprawl even further - into the last bastion - Perth’s Hills…

The problem with sprawl is that it is you and me who has to fund the schools, hospitals etc and then the maintenance of the roads, water, power and more looooong after the developer has cashed out and moved on (Grange in one hand and UDIA award in the other).

Save Perth Hills recognises that allowing proposed North $toneville to proceed will open the gates for more of the same. Make no mistake people, North $toneville MUST be stopped.

What we need is smarter, safer planning.

Because... once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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 CONTAINERS FOR CHANGE: Save Perth Hills ID Number: C10307279

 OUR LATEST STICKERS AVAILABLE (Stop $atterley STOP!) at: Begonia Pets, Stoneville Fresh, Hills Fresh, Cafe Mojos, Artisan Bakery, Steep Hill Coffee van

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