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Important News 24th Jan 2024

Is this the TURNING POINT we've been waiting for?

The long-proposed North PARKERVILLE townsite of 730 URBAN lots for around 2,500 people, across the road from North $toneville, has been ABANDONED.

Instead - a RURAL RESIDENTIAL plan for 67 lots, 5-acres and larger, for about 250 people, is on the table.

In a flyer to residents near the Wedgetail Circle site, the developer says:

“Through listening carefully to the local community, we have proposed a plan with 67 Rural Residential lots that preserves the character of Parkerville.”

Listening carefully to the Community? That’s more like it!

Acknowledging bushfire challenges, the developer states “...each of the 67 lots will have a designated firefighting water tank.”

Mundaring Council will receive a presentation late January on the new proposal. We're watching this space carefully...

In 2020 Save Perth Hills applied to WA's Planning Dept to re-zone North $toneville back to ‘Rural’. This re-zone option remains a solution for safer, more environmentally respectful, and sustainable planning.

So, we ask: If North Parkerville can viably switch to a Rural Residential outcome – why not North $toneville?

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