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It's all in the timing ....

While $atterley and the Anglican Church prepare $olutions to their North $toneville Disaster Plan - IN PRIVATE, other important bushfire-related business is taking a back seat... Big questions hang over the Wooroloo Bushfires...

After almost 3 months we still don’t know - What ignited the blaze that destroyed 87 homes? When will the inquiry occur? What are the Terms of Reference? Will PLANNING and DEVELOPMENT be included? (Surely?) Will the inquiry be DFES-led - or, Independent? Will those who fought the fires be allowed to speak up? Will new Emergency Services Minister Reece Whitby MLA meet us, as requested, to discuss?

Those answers could dramatically impact - even over-turn, ‘$olutions’ being made about North $toneville - right now. But there’s not even a whiff of the Inquiry in the wind...

Interestingly, WA’s peak body, for our 20,000 INCREDIBLE Bushfire Volunteers, says Wooroloo’s Inquiry MUST be INDEPENDENT to avoid fuelling - “the unhelpful perception it has something to hide.” So what do you think?

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