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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Join us to tell Satterley and the Anglican Church....

Withdraw your dangerous North Stoneville Plan - forever!

February 2nd will determine the future of the 33-year long North Stoneville saga.

Meet us there on Friday 2nd Feb at STIRLING GARDENS, PERTH 9.45am

- OR -

Catch our FREE return SPH bus leaving SCULPTURE PARK, MUNDARING 8.45am

EVENT: 9.45am-11.00am: Opposite the Anglicans' St George's Cathedral and WA's State Tribunal.

Satterley will front the State Tribunal at 10.30am to either:

WITHDRAW their UNANIMOUSLY REJECTED PLAN, or Risk their Corporate reputation by demanding a TAXPAYER FUNDED trial for a plan confirmed as TOO DANGEROUS to build!

C'mon SATTERLEY - Accept the umpire's decision...


Bring your Save Perth Hills BANNERS! Invite your Family, Friends & Neighbours!

EMAIL us by January 30th to secure your free bus seat:

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