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PUB TEST #2 OF 4 Sovereign Risk! WOW! Seems there’s much more at stake than saving 4,000 souls from bushfire if North $toneville is re-zoned Rural!! Save Perth Hills and Mundaring Council want it changed from Urban back to a safer Rural zone. But look at this FASCINATING Freedom of Info we got, on $atterley’s ‘STRONG OBJECTIONS’! Apparently, ‘down-sizing’ North $toneville will... - Discourage investment in WA! - Damage trust in the planning system ( yeah - nah...) AND... - Pose a ‘$ignificant $overeign Risk’ for the Govt!

What’s $overeign Risk, you ask? Good question!!

We understand it’s to do with... Foreign Investment? Mmmm, interesting...

Are international investors involved? If so - who and with whom?

What do YOU think? Would a safer ‘Rural’ zone tip the bucket on WA’s financial security? Does this pass the Pub Test? Add your (polite!) comments! As usual, bits got blanked out (‘confidential’ to $atterley’s appeal, apparently).

We’ll post the entire $atterley report, (as we received it!), on our website soon. Pub Test #3 not far away!

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