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Save Perth Hills always puts our community’s safety first.

It's what this long fight (20 years!!) against the NORTH STONEVILLE PLANNING DISASTER is all about: protecting our community from danger.

Today is no exception, as we officially CANCEL our Rally for this Sunday, due to public health concerns.

Our information indicated you would turn up in your thousands. Of course!! From the Hills, suburbs and even down south at Gelorup. But we wouldn’t risk placing any of you in danger - so we pulled the pin.

Which is what the Anglican Church should do to North Stoneville...Hard decisions are very easy when community safety is at risk. So take our lead, Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy - and pull the pin to protect our community, with honour and grace. Anglican Social Responsibilities

Take a leaf out of our book, Nigel Satterley and pull the pin - and prove you aren’t about putting profits before people.

A HUGE Thank You to our amazing band of united politicians - Matthew Hughes (Local Member - Labor- Kalamunda), Ken Wyatt, (Federal Member - Liberal - Hasluck), Charles Smith (Independent), Tim Clifford (Greens MLC East Metro) and Tjoern Sibma (Opposition Planning spokesman, Liberal). Matthew Hughes Member for Kalamunda Ken Wyatt Charles Smith MLC @Tim Clifford, Greens MLC for East MetroAll of you are united in saying NORTH STONEVILLE MUST STOP.

There will be another Rally - we promise.

For now stay safe, stay calm.

Amid all the uncertainty - - nothing beats a united and caring community.

We will be collecting the rally banners to save for next time - we've taken most of them and will pick up the rest tomorrow. Thanks for your support and fences.

A HUGE thank you to the 35 volunteers running around dropping flyers into letterboxes. Your efforts are appreciated and have not been wasted. You have helped up get the facts out across the shire and broadened our support base. So THANK YOU

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