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Rally Sunday 15th March

Placing 4000 additional residents into a fire risk situation makes no sense! This point alone should be enough to take proposed North $toneville off the table... but here we are, still arguing what is blatant commonsense to our community.

Turning up this Sunday the 15th March is an absolute MUST. Through sheer numbers of people rallying will the point get through to the State Labor Government, the WAPC and others. If there was ever a classic case of GREED, it is the Anglican Diocese of Perth forging ahead with Satterley Property Group on a dangerous and destructive urban sprawl plan - What ARE they thinking? This unsafe Structure Plan MUST be removed 📣

When the current Save Perth Hills campaign kicked off in December 2018, the ABC published an article that included the Australian Local Government areas most at risk from bushfire. This article has only increased in relevance given recent events. See reference below...

Sooo... what are you doing this Sunday at 9:30am? You're invited to stand up with this community and RALLY 📣Bring the family, your friends, your neighbours, your cousins, your workmates and anyone else you can as this community joins together in the call for commonsense!

People power is making a difference but it only works when we join together and show up 🤩

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