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Rally Update

Ex Dept of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) Chief says ‘NO’!

When one of WA’s top Emergency Chiefs says NO - it means NO.

Tomorrow, Dr Wayne Gregson will stand up at our Community Rally, and SAY NO - AGAIN to dangerous urbanisation of North $toneville.

Wayne was WA Assistant Police Commissioner, AND he was DFES Commissioner during the 2014 Stoneville-Parkerville-Mt Helena bushfires.

Also a local Hills resident, Wayne understands the DANGERS and RISKS of a plan like North $toneville.

When someone like Wayne says NO – we MUST LISTEN.

Over 32 YEARS our local Community, Mundaring Council, DFES and Planning Commission have ALL said NO.

Now Wayne says NO too.

See you TOMORROW, 10am, Sculpture Park, Mundaring, to hear why Wayne will SAY NO - AGAIN - and add YOUR voice to end North $toneville forever.

source: West Australian Newspaper

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