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Save Perth Hills Update - 27th April

As we came out of another lockdown, we were reminded of February’s lockdown, when thousands were confronted by Perth Hills' worst-ever bushfires.

Since then, around 1500 of you rallied against the Anglican Church's North $toneville DISASTER PLAN, and Save Perth Hills have been rallying politicians to SAFEGUARD bushfire prone communities.

We've asked new Emergency Services Minister, Reece Whitby MLA, and Swan Hills' Jessica Shaw MLA, to help us secure PLANNING in the Wooroloo Bushfire Inquiry.

And last week, Australia's Governor-General toured Wooroloo meeting some of the 300 bushfire victims.

All this, while $atterley and the Church drag their Disaster Plan through ‘mediation’ hearings - the next which is on the 9th of June...

But what’s happened in the 4 hearings so far, where discussions and decisions are being made on ‘our behalf’?

Well - we don’t know, because they’re closed to the public.

We believe private hearings are no place for significant and impacting COMMUNITY decisions.

Ultimately, lives will depend on decisions about North Stoneville.

North $toneville MUST be decided in a FULL OPEN PUBLIC HEARING to demonstrate transparent and democratic decision-making.

The June 9 ‘closed mediation’ MUST BE THE LAST. Satterley and the Church have had 5 years to prove their case.

And our Community has said ‘NO’ for 30 years.

It's time to lay this dangerous and destructive plan on the line, publicly and put an end to the nonsense that is North $toneville, once and for all.

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