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See ya later MEGAN! 8th Jan 2024

Megan Adair was $atterley’s hand-picked Planning Director.

Megan’s job was to get Nigel’s North $toneville ‘over the line’.

She did not. Megan is no longer with $atterley...

Just after North $toneville’s December 7th REJECTION, Megan posted on LinkedIn that ‘Opportunity’s knocking’...

She’s setting up a consultancy.

Strange. Because Megan’s credentials suited $atterley’s purpose

Megan sat on WA’s Statutory Planning Committee (SPC).

She was a sudden ‘apology’ for our 2020 SPC hearing. It turned out Megan is partner of Paul McQueen, $atterley’s North $toneville lawyer.

We last saw Megan and Paul, together, at last November SPC’s hearing at Mundaring Arena. Paul’s shiny black Jaguar sported a famous Save Perth Hills sticker resting on it wipers. Go Paul!!

But the power-couple couldn’t convince Megan’s former SPC workmates to approve $atterley’s plan. Both SPC AND WAPC gave it a resounding XXX

So $atterley’s minus a Planning Director – 4 crucial weeks before their Tribunal hearing on ‘next steps’ for their beleaguered townsite plan.

C’mon $atterley.

You're now 2 North $toneville Planning Directors down. (We farewelled Ray Stokes in 2020!)

Our Community is 33 years’ strong...


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