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Time is ticking on $atterley's LAST CHANCE to STOP and Surrender its dangerous and destructive North $toneville plan.

Tomorrow, (Friday 8 March) Save Perth Hills is back in the State Tribunal (SAT), where $atterley and its Anglican Diocese business partners, including Sam '(Rio') Walsh and Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy, can choose to DITCH their DOOMED Disaster Plan, or face a MASSIVE Corporate FAIL in a very PUBLIC Appeal.

A 1990s URBAN TINDERBOX TOWNSITE has no place in the 21st Century's Climate Change Emergency. Additionally - 'North $TONEVILLE now faces URBAN ISOLATION - and reduced viability ($$$), because 730 homes, planned over the road at 'North PARKERVILLE', have been abandoned in favour of just 67, five-acre-and-larger lots. Council will consider that plan on Tuesday - which Shire officers' say 'supports the shift away from a more urban town site'. ARE YOU LISTENING, $ATTERLEY?

If $atterley chooses to take the road to reputational ruin (via an appeal), we'll need $$$ for legal advice... So please donate whatever you can for a NEW SPH sticker at Rotary Club of Mundaring Twilight Markets Sculpture Park 4-8pm on Saturday (March 9) and help Save Perth Hills!

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