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Thank You Jessica Shaw MLA

Thank you #JessicaShawMLA, member for Swan Hills, for your Parliamentary acknowledgement of the first anniversary of the Wooroloo Bushfire catastrophe.

But what the Community and our Volunteer Bushfire brigades need - right now - is the Wooroloo Report.

It took 6 months for your Government to action the Inquiry.

You told us Minister Dawson received the Report in December!

It's now almost 3 months later - after the hottest Perth Summer in 30 years, after more than 20 bushfires in and around the region of the Wooroloo disaster, and just yesterday (PerthNow), a long-range forecast from the Weather Bureau that WA's volatile and dry bushfire season will likely extend into Autumn.

We have much more than 'an interest' in the Report, Jessica - we NEED the Report. And we need it now so recommendations can be implemented especially around Planning in Extreme Bushfire Zones.

If not now, #JessicaShawMLA... WHEN?






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