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This Friday

Ok everyone - you know what's coming... THIS Friday afternoon we're taking our cause, our concerns and our voices to the landowner of the property for SP-34, the Anglican Diocese of Perth. For too long the church has conducted BUSINESS AS USUAL and in this case they are putting profit before the environment and the concerns of the community. The Hills are Perth's backyard. If we allow this development to happen, it will set a precedent that will alter the Hills forever. Once it's gone it's gone!

So we are asking YOU ALL, to once again bring your banners and your voices to a Save Perth Hills gathering. We don't know how many more of these opportunities we will get so please put your plans in place to travel to Perth for a 5:30pm start this Friday. The trustees of the Anglican Diocese of Perth will be meeting inside to review the mission of the church...

📣 Are you coming along? Can we count on you?

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