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Update on the $atterley appeal of the WAPC Rejection of SP34

⚡️Update on the $atterley appeal of the WAPC Rejection of SP34 (AKA North Stoneville)⚡️

The deadline for Rita Saffioti MLA to ‘call in’ the $atterley appeal process has passed 🤦‍♂️ This means the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) will preside over the appeal process… And it also means we all get to Save Perth Hills for just a little longer… We’ve come this far 💪

The thing is, the honourable minister has “ministerial powers” to involve herself at any stage of the process and still call it in!

Rita Saffioti MLA, c’mon… you know a bad plan when you see one. The community, the Shire of Mundaring, the WAPC, your political colleagues and opponents have all said NO to this disastrous plan… allowing SP34 to go any further is not a good look for you or WA Labor.

As we all watch California burn, our collective attention turns to the summer risks we here in the Perth Hills all live with. Adding to Perth’s urban sprawl won’t keep us fire safe.

So, if you haven’t written to Rita - you still can. In fact you can message her monthly, weekly, daily if you like. If you have written, did you hear back? Share your responses in the comments below 👍

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