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Vision and Leadership

The Anglican Church should not be contributing to the urban sprawl of Perth... At the recent Shire of Mundaring Special Council Meeting for SP-34 we heard many incredible deputations from the community... but this one moved many of us. It's the type of alternate VISION and LEADERSHIP we ask of the Perth Anglican Diocese at this time. It's the reason we take our message to St George's Cathedral! See you there ❤️


Good evening Councillors - tonight I ask you to vote no to SP34.

I’d like to offer a different perspective. Tonight, I speak on behalf of our children. Our Hills kids. And their kids. And kids who visit the hills, and those who are yet to live in the hills. Tonight, all their eyes are on you. This is about what legacy we leave them.

In 2050, my 3 year old will be 34. My 11 year old will be 42. In 2050, as they turn off Roland Rd, they decide take their kids for a walk. This is a favourite spot of theirs.

On this particular day, the sun is shining, and they suddenly hear the call of the Wedge tailed Eagle.

But this is a familiar sound, because this spot is Waalitj Reserve, a wildlife sanctuary, and home to hundreds of species of native animals. It stretches as far as the eye can see. It had long ago been recognised as a biodiversity sanctuary, and had therefore been protected & allowed to flourish.

The reserve is so large that it has dedicated areas for

indigenous education and culture;

wildlife research:

hiking trails,

low impact camping;

and a healing nature retreat.

Beyond there, exists an eco village. This community lives completely off grid, and the acreage properties grow their own fruit & vegetables.

The homes also operate as farm stays for visitors to the area. Although these villages are commonplace in 2050, this was the first of its kind in WA, and set a precedent for future designs in our state. It has won awards, but that’s not the best part - the best part is that the community decided on the plans.

As black cockatoos fly overhead, my son tells his son a story. He tells him the story of how once upon a time, this land was nearly destroyed to build over a 1000 houses.

“But it didn’t happen, son. Because a community and a bold group of decision makers said no to the developers.

They didn’t say maybe, or “yes, but..”, they. said. NO.

That ONE decision had a domino effect, and it set a precedent - one to be proud of.

It was an amazing time.”

Councillors - THAT time is now. And YOU are the change makers. Tonight, let’s be on the right side of history.

CREDIT: Claire - resident from Hovea

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