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Call-to-ACTION! Every time we have put the call-out for this community to stand up, YOU have been SPECTACULAR!This Sunday the 15th March, we need you all to show up and send a deafening message to: ...

👉 The Anglican Diocese of Perth

👉 Nigel Satterley

👉 The WAPC

👉 The Premier of WA

👉 The Shire of Mundaring

THIS community says NO WAY to proposed North Stoneville. Our grassroots movement has grown to a wave that people all across Perth have heard of and understand - that is, that the Perth Hills backyard is no place for urban sprawl! North $toneville is not a local issue - it affects all WA communities affected by development I$$UES. This is an open invitation to join the Perth Hills Community as we rally. All we ask is that you ACT and TURN UP. It's people power that will win this, so please don't leave it to others.

◼️ Be on time for a 9:30 start. A very large crowd is expected.

◼️ Get your banners and signs ready! \

◼️ Bring everyone!

NB: The Blue Sky Festival kicks off at the end of our rally - please support the stallholders and local businesses on the day - The hills has much to offer!

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