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Well, well, well.... Jan 4th 2024

Well well well...

ABC says $atterley paid to get a ‘business engagement’ with WA’s Govt to seek ‘approval’ for a Perth Hills housing deal.

Labor says their ‘roundtable meetings’ offer networking and feedback.

The ABC says $atterley paid $27,680, ‘seeking approval for (a) huge Perth Hills housing development.’

No mention of North $toneville.

But we ARE curious what ‘FEEDBACK’ the Gov't gave $atterley for $27,680!

After 33 years of RELENTLESS REJECTION, North Stoneville was confirmed, last month, to be TOO DANGEROUS to develop.

Clearly – the volatile Hills are no place for thousands of people in suburban-style housing estates.

But will $atterley cough up more $$$ for ‘more feedback’ before fronting the State Tribunal on February 2 to reveal their next steps for North $toneville?

Time’s up Nigel $atterley. WITHDRAW your plan to bring your suburbia to the Hills.

And if you have a spare $27,680 lying around - then perhaps you could offer it to our incredible Volunteer Bushfire Brigades.

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