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What's going on at Mundaring Shire?

Without warning, or reason, the significantly downsized “North Parkerville” plan, (NOT North $toneville), has been pulled, by the Shire, from tomorrow’s Council meeting.

So hold those deputations folks!

This is an inexplicable withdrawal, subject to an indefinite delay, of a significant Community issue that holds long-term planning consequences for the Hills. The Community deserves an urgent explanation from the Shire.

‘North Parkerville’ was originally 730 URBAN lots. The developer downsized it to 67 Rural Residential (RR) lots of 5 acres and larger, with firefighting-tanks on each site. It was to be discussed at Council tomorrow night.

($atterley and the Anglican Church stubbornly refuse to consider an RR option for the 33-year-REJECTED URBAN North $toneville townsite – across the road.)

But WHY the withdrawal?

WHAT’s the ‘later date’?

AND – WHY was the Item ON the Council’s Agenda, minus any Planning Officers’ reports?

Ratepayers pay the Shire to work on our behalf.

We require a REASON for the withdrawal - to demonstrate Shire TRANSPARENCY.

We require a new DATE to demonstrate Shire ACCOUNTABILITY.

Our Community is asking - What’s going on?

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