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  • Save Perth Hills Inc

Wondering what $35 can buy these days?

How about – a slice of Environmental Protection for Perth Hills!

Our new SPH T-Shirts have landed just in time for our Rally, 10am on Sunday February 5, at Sculpture Park, Mundaring!

We're selling them THIS WEEKEND at The Lazy Corner café next to Mundaring PO this Saturday and Sunday - 9.30am-midday!

Come and buy a T-Shirt (or 2!), have a chat with us about the campaign, and grab the best Hills coffee while you're there!

Professionally and locally printed by Uptempo Design Malaga, our T-Shirts are a $35 investment to stop $atterley and the Anglican Church from bulldozing 60,000 Perth Hills’ trees, and replacing them with 1,500 suburban housing lots surrounded by an Extreme Bushfire Zone.

If the dangerous and destructive ‘North Stoneville’ is approved – ‘North Parkerville’ – right across over the road, is next. That will mean 6000+ extra people, 4000+ extra cars – and an environmental wipeout in the heart of our Mundaring Hills.

So, grab a SPH T-Shirt to wear PROUDLY - and LOUDLY at our Feb 5 Rally – and know you're doing your bit to help Save Perth Hills!

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