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An intriguing post from the high-end communications company that looks (looked? 🤔) after $atterley's Anglican Church North $toneville Disaster Plan, which has been REFUSED by the WA Planning Commission because it's too dangerous.

Titled 'Building Relationships Before You Build', the article pours praise on Save Perth's Hills' 'sophisticated campaign', and calls out developers who ignore communities and their concerns.

$atterley chose to ignore our community, and by the looks of it - their own advisors, resulting in an historic win for Perth's Hills.

Our campaign has always been about community, and so we will never forget how $atterley laughed in our faces as we 'dared' to speak of grave bushfire fears, and made ZERO attempts to talk to us as a collective, concerned and committed community.

We will also never forget how the Anglican Church is guilty of the same offence - steadfastly refusing to meet with us, despite countless requests - the most recent, just last week.

The level of arrogance shown by this developer and landowner, with their willingness to put thousands of lives at risk and destroy hundreds of hectares of native forest - and expect the community to be silent, is shameful.

We urge all communities across Perth to stand together and with a loud and united voice, demand safe and responsible development which places people first, not profits.

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