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Billion $ Gamble

Is $atterley making a BILLION $ GAMBLE...?

Taxpayers are forking out $350 Million to ‘buy back’ 500 Queensland homes deemed too dangerous to re-build in a ‘recognised’ flood zone.

For $atterley’s 1,500 North $toneville houses, proposed for a RECOGNISED, EXTREME and PROVEN Bushfire zone, that cost could be over ONE BILLION DOLLARS...

Save Perth Hills has been alerting the WA Govt about the risk of an urban housing estate at proposed North $toneville for years.

We even suggested a new direction to place WA as a ‘World Leader of contemporary Climate Change planning that safeguards, not endangers, at-risk communities.’

It looks like QLD is learning from its mistakes, committing to “making changes to planning rules to make sure these things don't happen again.”

Happen again??? Isn't prevention better than a cure?!

Here’s your chance Mark McGowan to say NO NIGEL NO!

‘Australia’s Leading Land Developer’ MUST be held accountable AND LIABLE, for deliberately putting homeowners’ houses in the firing line...

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