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Bushfire Inquiry Announced

Finally... an inquiry into Perth Hills’ worst bushfire catastrophe.

We’re relieved - on behalf of our affected community members, that some closure might result.


We’re dismayed ‘Planning’ is NOT on the 'agenda' (Terms of Reference).

We lobbied local member, Matthew Hughes, Emergency Services Minister Reece Whitby, and Premier McGowan, hard, for Planning to be included.

Plans like $atterley’s dangerous North $toneville have no place in extreme bushfire zones. But still, they can be brought to the table.

So, what a missed opportunity to deny PLANNING a seat at that table - with its potential to reduce, even AVOID, some of the terrible outcomes bushfires can bring.

The fact developers can even present plans to cram thousands into recognised bushfire zones tells us WA is failing bushfire prone communities.

Local Federal member Ken Wyatt - Hasluck, secured Planning on the National 2020 Summer of Fires Royal Commission, recognising safer planning can help to save lives - and homes, in bushfires.

This inquiry, hopefully, will offer lessons in better bushfire response. And that’s incredibly important for us all.

But we must also respond BEFORE bushfires begin, and that involves, without doubt, safer - not dangerous planning in our bushfire-prone zones.

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