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CALL to ACTION reminder

CALL to ACTION reminder

Do it for the Perth Hills frogs, people! Frogs are so important to the balance of nature in the Perth Hills. Some of the species that live here are endemic to SW Australia - that is, they are found nowhere else on Earth. Frogs help control insects and algae and are a food source to some birds and other animals.

5pm, this Friday the 2nd October, is the deadline for your public comment regarding Satterley’s EPBC process for the dangerous and destructive North Stoneville development.

When writing your comment, be sure to stick to the topics related to the EPBC (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation). That means writing about the environmental matters only such as: the threatened species, loss of habitat etc… Save Perth Hills has identified the following areas to be addressed:

- Biodiversity hotspot, Ancient bushland

- Destruction of high value bushland

- Endangered & vulnerable species

- Cumulative impacts not considered

- Inadequate destruction ‘offsets’

- Contamination of Susannah and Jane Brooks (Inadequate studies)

- Climate change impacts


1. Check out the Save Perth Hills doc on tips for responding to $atterley’s environmental report:

EPBC Facebook Dot points Sept 21 2020 FI
Download • 30KB

2. Write an environmental submission on $atterley’s Environment report

3. Send your submission to $atterley (it’s the process) REMEMBER to Cc in Save Perth Hills ⚡️ (to keep em honest)

4. Tag a mate to do the same!

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