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Change is in the Air?

A 720 ABC Radio Planning Forum this week heard that Perth’s urban sprawl is over... just as well, given it is an embarrassing 150kms long from (Dawesville to Two Rocks). WA’s NEW planning mantra is Build UP not OUT, and around train stations connected to transport hubs. So where does this leave ‘North $toneville’ - apart from being 26 kms away from the nearest train station? Planning Minister Rita Saffioti said on the show: We can’t continue building new suburbs... the environmental impact of clearing hectares for new housing is significant... Does Rita mean, for example, North $toneville’s 200+ bush hectares (more than half of Kings Park) earmarked for bulldozing for $atterley’s 1500 houses and 4000+ people? Is this ANOTHER nail in North $toneville’s coffin? We all know the plan is dangerous and destructive - but with this new urban approach for our city, it also looks like a dinosaur Outa date! Outa step! Outa time!! C’mon $atterley - save your reputation, and our lives. It’s time to pack up your appeal, and your Anglican Church business partner!

Check out the link and listen for yourselves… 3.40 –52 “…I don’t think we can just continue to build new suburbs because the impact, and a lot of people talk about the environmental impact of density, but the environmental impact of clearing hectares for new housing is also significant.”

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