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Darlington Review

Our friends and supporters at The Darlington Review, have written an excellent article about the recent motion by Save Perth Hills’ and the Shire of Mundaring to re-zone the North Stoneville land back to Rural. (link below).

Mundaring Shire Councillor, David Lavell, contributed to The Councillor’s Column (pg18) in the Review and suggested the motion sought to extinguish the land-owner’s development rights.

This comment needs clarification because the landowner (in this case, ...the Anglican Church), does not and has never had ‘development rights’, but, rather, has development ‘expectations’.

While a development at North Stoneville was part of the Shire’s historic growth strategy, it’s now clear that our Shire - and community, have moved away from the dangerous and destructive 1990s urbanisation model, recognising the need to safeguard our community, protect native forest and to save our iconic Perth Hills.

The WA Planning Commission is due to make a decision on the unwanted North Stoneville plan, around the end of July. In the meantime, have a read of the Review’s fantastic snapshot of the latest developments in this monumental 26-year fight to Save Perth Hills...

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