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Do you remember this?

As we wait to see if Planning Minister Rita Saffioti will ‘CALL-IN’ Satterley’s appeal and end the North $toneville debacle, we share a timely reminder of the outstanding COMMUNITY efforts in this monumental battle against dangerous and destructive urbanisation in the Hills.

It’s a year ago tonight (Aug 27 2019) when MORE than 1,000 of you made your way to Mundaring Arena, to witness the historic and unanimous NO TO NORTH STONEVILLE vote by our Shire of Mundaring Councillors ✅

Re-live that amazing moment – and remind yourselves we’re achieving so much, for so many. This picture says so much... it is our community standing together.

Since then, WA’s highest planning authority, the WAPC, has REJECTED North Stoneville ✅

Save Perth Hills and Mundaring Shire have applied to RE-ZONE North Stoneville back to RURAL ✅

Our message is spread FAR and WIDE via our FaceBook posts, which now regularly reach 10,000 PEOPLE! ✅


...And Satterley, supported by landowner the Anglican Church, are appealing the WAPC refusal of their fire-trap plan. How can they ignore the weight of opposition and push on regardless?

Meanwhile, our Media Manager and Stoneville resident, Debra Bishop, was interviewed by 6PR last night. Have a listen and be reminded why, as Debra points out, North Stoneville is ‘doomed to failure and tragedy.’

And why, as a Community, we’re committed to fighting Australia’s biggest land developer, and the Anglican Church, which both want to build homes that, we know, will burn.

C’mon Rita – you have the power. PLEASE - call in this debacle, NOW.

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