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Highway Horror

Our Chair, Jeremy Hurst, recently returned from a work trip in Victoria. He shared this footage of the Princess Fwy west of Geelong… And it’s hard not to make comparisons with the proposed East Link project in front of us. 4 lanes, controlled access interchanges with expansive walls designed to mitigate the road noise. Just like we see here with the Princess Fwy, it’s clear that roads like this are enablers for further urban sprawl to enable the cookie-cutter template for suburban expansion.

Do we really need a national highway template design that will carve up the Hills, dislocate our townships and destroy the inherent attraction of Perth’s Hills - the environment? East Link is out-dated, destructive, will NOT take all trucks off GEH - and will cost BILLION$.

Save Perth Hills is clear on this issue - East Link must not be approved.

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